Wednesday, 22 August 2012


That’s a very important moment for the parents when their child already passed the exam. Parents have to take very important decisions on this stage. For better understanding, our “Child Education Program Experts” decided to share a very interesting dialogue with a father who did not take right decisions on the success of his child and as a result the child never passed any further exam. Oh my God!!!. That’s terrible. 
Child Education Team:-     Sir, why are you sad?
Father:-                                  Yes, I am. It’s because my child failed again.
Child Education Team:-     How? Come on Sir, don’t joke. We remember, 2 years ago your child was on top position in the exam of entire province.
Father:-                                  Yes you are right but I am not joking my dear.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


That’s a terrible moment for parents because after invested a lot of money, attention and the most important is TIME they got very bad result. This is the time for parent to control themselves and should not be so aggressive because its a matter of your “CHILD’S FUTURE”. As I am belonging to Pakistan, I have been viewed a lot of related incidents. Recently, the son of my friend failed in Secondary Exam (9th Class). If we talk about the profession of my friend (M. Ibraham), he is a part of general labor in a private sector. When he saw the result of his son, he got aggressive and started beating his son. My friend was very angry; the reason is, his son wasted his lot of hard work.

Friday, 17 August 2012


Child Education Program Team strongly recommends that at least Father should be a Chess player. Chess builds up the ability to feel high threads. There is a huge task for parents in the matter of Child’s Education. Parents should not think that their child is regularly going to school so that’s enough. Not at all. There are few GAMBIT MOVES BY PARENTS which they should play:-
  • Parents should set up a task for their child that if he/she passed with the requisite grade then there is a gift pending for him/her. In this way the child starts studying with more heart because of that gift!.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


There is a major fault of parents that they put their personal wishes on their child. For example, mother wants her child to be a “Doctor” but child wants to be a “Photographer”. Ops!..that’s wrong. If such happens, child stops taking interest in studies because he/she has dreamed already to be a “Photographer” not a “Doctor”. So LET YOUR CHILD TO CHOOSE DESIRED STUDIES” so they could continue with more passion. Parents should treat their child like very frank friends. Friends that child can share everything what’s in his mind. According to the research of our experts, the main reason of why education is lack here in Pakistan, it is due to the parents are not aware with their responsibilities as well as the rights of their child. Mr. Naeem Ullah, Senior Member of Child Education Program visited a city named Gujranwala and had discussion with a father who was beating his son. The dialogue is very interested that Child Education Program Team decided to share with our readers.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Daily schooling and then home, next day again the same routine. “Oh God”. Naturally by doing same thing is not interesting anymore. If parents don’t change the routine of their child then it will affect the progress of child’s mind. Everyone knows that a business needs a proper attention and look after. So, it’s the same with Child. Parents have to follow up the same rule. Parents should manage time and arrange family trips minimum twice a month. If parents do the same, then the next question is which place they should go twice a month? Because after one month there will be an issue for selecting the proper place for trip. First of all, parents have to find out the historical places in their city, best museum, bigger Zoo, Beach and parks etc. Parents should have to read out about the place they are going for trip. Because if child ask the question about the place then parents have to answer. In this way “the power to ask” of child will increase a lot. “Personal observation is better than reading just in books!”. If there is something important to share that could increase the knowledge of your child then parents have to share with the child even he/she does not ask!. Family trip having lot of benefits but the major benefit is child get chance to change the environment and refresh his/her mind. After the trip the child will be very fresh and much exited to share trip memories to their class-fellows.
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Monday, 13 August 2012


 After schooling there are a lot of methods that how to increase the level of thinking and self-confidence of your child. The one of the greatest way is “LET YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE IN DIFFERENT COMPETITIONS’. Suppose, if your child shows interest in Football/Cricket or Chess or whatever sports, just let him participate in different tournaments. Don’t bother your child about whatever the result will be. Parents can be helpful for their child on both conditions whether child wins or lose. Suppose, if he/she lose, then understand your child how to learn from our mistakes!!!. And if your child wins then try your best to understand him/her that how to keep it up winning track!!!. According to our expert team this is a greatest way to increase the self-confidence of your child. 

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Saturday, 11 August 2012


Everyone needs friend but it’s not sure that all friends are good. Some friends are bad and some are very good like real brothers!. Parents should monitor the friends of their child. If a friend having bad habits, the bad habits can be transferred into your child because they are friends. They spend time together. In this case parents should be alert and as they find out such friend, they should play their role. Never stop your child to make friends. Psychological a child having more friends, his/her attitude will be very friendly and polite and if you stop your child from making new friends, then this stopping can be a FULL STOP on his/her mind’s progress. They will feel hesitate always. So, if your child is boy, then the father should play his role as a friend and being friends he will teach child with good things and if your child is girl, then the mother of child should play her role so the mind’s progress of your child keep growing.
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