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After the home environment parents have to manage the neighbour environment for Child. Because as Child grow, he/she starts learn a lot may be double than before. The reason is his/her mind is growing up and has more ability to understand things. This age we are talking is before schooling. Child usually goes outside from home because there already the same aged kids. Parents should understand that this age is very sensitive for Child, because Child don’t understand what he/she going to hold, may be electric wires, hot water, fridge, iron etc and also don’t know its damage. Parents should allow Child to play with clean children’s because you know dirty kids have lot of viruses which will be caused of some strong diseases like tuberculosis etc. The most important things are in this age the child can’t protect him/her self from the major accidents. For example if you let your child play without monitoring, your child might hit some thing in eyes so the mistake of parents will be remembered all life. This child not only hit something in eyes but can jump from chair or table and his/her bones might be broken. So such kind of instructions especially parents should always remember when their child is very younger.
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