Thursday, 9 August 2012


I hope you liked the previous article on Neighbour Environment and I hope again that my readers will like this article also. Our Child Education Team done a lot of research!!!!.


Most parents usually got confused in the matter of selection of a good school for their beloved child. Its because there are a lot of schools in every area/town/city. So, its very hard to choose a better school anyway. Our experts made some visits of schools and got a lot of information which is necessary for all parents who has a very younger child. Our experts doing work a lot to gather basic knowledge regarding Child Education.


When the child 4-years old the parents should get him admission in a school. But in the case of selecting a school, parents should understand that this is an important matter and may be this relates to the future of Child. The following points are very important to understand:-
  • Parents should visit maximum 4 to 5 schools, these schools should be near from their house so the transportation won’t problem.
  • Don’t’ go on the reputations of schools, personally visit and know their way to educate children.
  • Try to find out parents of those students who are already studying in those schools.
  • Talk those parents and ask the progress of their children, don’t forget to ask them if they are convinced from the school.
  • If you convinced from 2 schools then choose who has better playing area.
  • Make sure the school you are going to select has “Chess” education also.

The next article “Building Your Child’s Mind” will be published sooner J.

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