Wednesday, 22 August 2012


That’s a very important moment for the parents when their child already passed the exam. Parents have to take very important decisions on this stage. For better understanding, our “Child Education Program Experts” decided to share a very interesting dialogue with a father who did not take right decisions on the success of his child and as a result the child never passed any further exam. Oh my God!!!. That’s terrible. 
Child Education Team:-     Sir, why are you sad?
Father:-                                  Yes, I am. It’s because my child failed again.
Child Education Team:-     How? Come on Sir, don’t joke. We remember, 2 years ago your child was on top position in the exam of entire province.
Father:-                                  Yes you are right but I am not joking my dear.
Child Education Team:-     That’s very sad to hear.
Father:-                                  Yes. It is.
Child Education Team:-     Have you tried to understand reasons?
Father:-                                  Yes I tried a lot but in vain.
Child Education Team:-     Well, can you tell us, in which class your child won top position?
Father:-                                  5th Class and then “FULL STOP”
Child Education Team:-     Sir, there are plenty of reasons why your child is being  failure after getting top position in a tough competition.
Father:-                                  Really? Please let me know. I am worried a lot about it.
Child Education Team:-     Sir, You are only responsible for this result.
Father:-                                  It’s wrong!. Who wants his child to be failed?
Child Education Team:-     Off course! No father wants. Now, listen the reasons why a child sudden move from right tracks to the wrong one:-
1.            When a child got good position, parents do congratulation but never discuss a future study plan for their child.
2.            After good result, usually parents become relaxed that they don’t have to worry anymore because their child is already intelligent.
3.            Parents don’t advise their Child to not be relaxed for further studies.
4.            Parents don’t tell child that how difficult is to hold top position in second exam!!!!!.
5.            Education is much difficult for those who take it easy and don’t spend time for it. Actually such children become over confident, which is disaster for their future.
Father:-                                  Yes. You are right my friend.
Child Education Team:-     We hope you understand now. Goodbye.
Father:-                                  Thanks for this favour. Goodbye.

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