Wednesday, 15 August 2012


There is a major fault of parents that they put their personal wishes on their child. For example, mother wants her child to be a “Doctor” but child wants to be a “Photographer”. Ops!..that’s wrong. If such happens, child stops taking interest in studies because he/she has dreamed already to be a “Photographer” not a “Doctor”. So LET YOUR CHILD TO CHOOSE DESIRED STUDIES” so they could continue with more passion. Parents should treat their child like very frank friends. Friends that child can share everything what’s in his mind. According to the research of our experts, the main reason of why education is lack here in Pakistan, it is due to the parents are not aware with their responsibilities as well as the rights of their child. Mr. Naeem Ullah, Senior Member of Child Education Program visited a city named Gujranwala and had discussion with a father who was beating his son. The dialogue is very interested that Child Education Program Team decided to share with our readers.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Hey…Stop beating him.

Father:                       Why? Who are you?

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      I said stop beating him, why are you doing this?

Father:                       He doesn’t obey me!

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Really? That’s bad. Please let me talk to your son. I am from Child Education Team.

Father:                       OK.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      What’s your name my son?

Boy:                            Ashraf, Sir.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Why you don’t obey your father? See, how much he is worried about you. Can you realize his efforts for you?

Boy:                            Sir, I always obey my father. My father asking me to study “Law” but I am interested in “Multimedia Technologies”. I have plenty of research on it but my father doesn’t follow it. He doesn’t know the benefits of Multimedia Technologies.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Oh yes. Multimedia Technologies is one of the best profession and peoples are much interested for it.

Boy:                            My father wants me to be a lawyer so I could earn much money, I assured my father many times that I can earn more money in the field of “Multimedia” but because my father have no knowledge about it that’s why he doesn’t like this studies.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Ok My Son. Let me talk to your father. O Man, why you are putting your personal wishes on him. He is doing well and the profession he likes is very good.

Father:                       Hey Mr. put your advice into your pocket, I know what’s better. You want my son to be a jobless person? If he studies law then he will have many judicial cases and lot of income.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Do you know what is “MULTIMEDIAL TECHNOLGIES”?

Father:                       I don’t need to know.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      Then how can you compare it with a jobless future?

Father:                       I said I don’t need to know about it. I just know that lawyer is a perfect profession for my son.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      You are making him doubled mind. He can’t be a lawyer if he doesn’t want and if you insist him a lot then he might appear in the exam of law but in fact his heart won’t be with him. Suppose, he becomes a lawyer but he won’t be a genius in his profession because he doesn’t want.

Father:                       I will beat him a lot again and again. You don’t have to worry. You can leave from here. Thank you.

Mr.Naeem Ullah:      You only know father-rights not children-rights. Goodbye. Web Directories

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