Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Daily schooling and then home, next day again the same routine. “Oh God”. Naturally by doing same thing is not interesting anymore. If parents don’t change the routine of their child then it will affect the progress of child’s mind. Everyone knows that a business needs a proper attention and look after. So, it’s the same with Child. Parents have to follow up the same rule. Parents should manage time and arrange family trips minimum twice a month. If parents do the same, then the next question is which place they should go twice a month? Because after one month there will be an issue for selecting the proper place for trip. First of all, parents have to find out the historical places in their city, best museum, bigger Zoo, Beach and parks etc. Parents should have to read out about the place they are going for trip. Because if child ask the question about the place then parents have to answer. In this way “the power to ask” of child will increase a lot. “Personal observation is better than reading just in books!”. If there is something important to share that could increase the knowledge of your child then parents have to share with the child even he/she does not ask!. Family trip having lot of benefits but the major benefit is child get chance to change the environment and refresh his/her mind. After the trip the child will be very fresh and much exited to share trip memories to their class-fellows.
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