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That’s a terrible moment for parents because after invested a lot of money, attention and the most important is TIME they got very bad result. This is the time for parent to control themselves and should not be so aggressive because its a matter of your “CHILD’S FUTURE”. As I am belonging to Pakistan, I have been viewed a lot of related incidents. Recently, the son of my friend failed in Secondary Exam (9th Class). If we talk about the profession of my friend (M. Ibraham), he is a part of general labor in a private sector. When he saw the result of his son, he got aggressive and started beating his son. My friend was very angry; the reason is, his son wasted his lot of hard work.
The Child Education Team visited him yesterday night. There was a dialogue we like to share:-
Child Education Team:-      Assalam-u-Alaikum (Islamic way to say hello)

Ibrahim:-                                W/Salaam

Child Education Team:-      We are very sorry to hear about the result of your son.

Ibrahim:-                                Yes. It is.

Child Education Team:-      Do you know the reason?

Ibrahim:-                                No. I provided all necessary facilities to my son, even sometimes I had not money for food but I took borrowed for his schooling fee.

Child Education Team:-      Your son should care about it.

Ibrahim:-                                Well. He passed the previous exam with 70% marks.

Child Education Team:-      Then what happened this time?

Ibrahim:-                                Don’t know.

Child Education Team:-      Can you tell us the facilities you provided to him?

Ibrahim:-                                Cell phone, Computer with Internet, Bike, good daily pocket money & whatever he desires! because he is my only son. I have lot of expectations but I don’t know why he doesn’t careL.

Child Education Team:-      How much you earn?

Ibrahim:-                                Rs.300/- daily.

Child Education Team:-      In short budget, how you manage these facilities?

Ibrahim:-                                I do overtime.

Child Education Team:-      Now listen, this is the moment to take right decisions. Don’t let your son alone, because he is facing lot of embarrassment and might do something bad.

Ibrahim:-                                I decided already that he will work with my factory because I can’t bear more lose of money.

Child Education Team:-      Wow!!! Good. Then he will earn Rs.300 per day also. Friend, don’t do this!. We assure you that he will study with more care but in this matter your role will be very important.

Ibrahim:-                                What role now?

Child Education Team:-      Find out the reasons why he failed.

Ibrahim:-                                I can’t, you know I am not educated.

Child Education Team:-      Ok. Listen with care, First of all, stop his friendship with those friends who failed also because accompany does matter. Secondly, Don’t let him go the same School because their teachers are not responsible. They should have informed you that your son is not taking interest in studies. The third thing is get him admission where the teacher submits weekly report to parent.

Ibrahim:-                                I don’t know any School doing this.

Child Education Team:-      Ok. We will find out a School in this Week. All you have to do is to treat your son with love and don’t lose your patience. Tell your son to learn from his mistakes. Don’t beat him. If possible, bring him somewhere where he likes. So his mind will be fresh again to continue his study.

Ibrahim:-                                Thanks a lot. If your team won’t visit me then I might take really bad decisions. I don’t want my son to do the same work as I do. Because I know it’s not a respected profession.

Child Education Team:-      Inshallah (Islamic way to tell “Allah will do”)

Ibrahim:-                                Allah Hafiz (Islamic way to say goodbye)

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