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Child education is most important matter for parents. There are few important points which every parent should understand and follow-up for the successful education for their Child. Every point has been deeply analyzed. This article makes itself different than others because we worked a lot for the pointing out the major mistakes/faults by parents for the educating their Child. Here we start from the zero level:-


The parent’s responsibility starts from the time of Child’s birth. A Child is like a blank paper where parent can write anything what they want but some parents due to lack of education don’t know how to start educating Child. From the very early age, Child starts learning from the environment of house, for example, if parents use to abusing each other or use bad attitude in front of Child, then the Child will might have bad attitude. Parents should create an environment from which Child learns a lot of good things. Like, if parents are educated they will use nice wording to each other, they do respect or they do sensible things etc, the child will learn from parents attitude in the early age.


Me and my friends as well as we were doing work on Child Education Program, we decided to visit a city (Sheikhupura, Pakistan) for survey. We went to a village and started our work. We met a family. That family had 7 kids. The father of those kids was a farmer and the mother just a house wife. First of all we asked the father about his qualification, he said he is un-educated as well as his wife also. There was a dialogue started which are as under:-
Child Education Team:- Why you decided to have 7 kids?
Farmer:- That’s what God wanted. We just tried.
Child Education Team:-Have you planned for their education?
Farmer:- Well. lets see what God wants.
Child Education Team:-Do you understand that your Children are old enough for schooling?
Farmer:- I don’t think so.
Child Education Team:-But your elder Child is already 12 years old!
Farmer:- Then? They are my children, I know what to do.
Child Education Team:-How much you earn from agricultural business?
Farmer:- Its enough for me and my family’s feeding.
Child Education Team:-Look there, your 3 kids are nude and dirty.
Farmer:- They are enjoying their life. Don’t worry.
Child Education Team:- Don’t you want your children get higher education?
Farmer:- No need.
Child Education Team:-do you know you are doing bad with your children?
Farmer:- How?
Child Education Team:- You should teach manners to them and if they are old enough, you should arrange for their schooling so they will know the real purpose of their life.
Farmer:- We can’t do anything. Whatever happened its due to God’s approval.
Child Education Team:-Do you know you are destroying the life of your kids?... its better you did not have them so their life’s won’t destroyed by you.
Farmer:- No. I don’t. I give them food 2x a day. How can I destroy their life?
Child Education Team:-According to your mind, your responsibility is only food?
Farmer:- What else?
Child Education Team:- Oh.. Man, aside of food, you have to arrange for their education, so they could be
 Farmer:- Don't bother me. You can go from here.
Child Education Team:-OK...
Dear Readers, i hope you have read the dialogue with an un-educated father, who only knows how to make kids but don't know how to educate them. He even don't know the basic needs. He has narrow minded which is really bad for his children.Here we can understand that how important is educated parents for their kids. Suppose, if parents are not educated but at least they should try their level best to show their childs that they are educated. They can copy educated parents just to put a good impression to their kids. The next point will be published soon..

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