Friday, 17 August 2012


Child Education Program Team strongly recommends that at least Father should be a Chess player. Chess builds up the ability to feel high threads. There is a huge task for parents in the matter of Child’s Education. Parents should not think that their child is regularly going to school so that’s enough. Not at all. There are few GAMBIT MOVES BY PARENTS which they should play:-
  • Parents should set up a task for their child that if he/she passed with the requisite grade then there is a gift pending for him/her. In this way the child starts studying with more heart because of that gift!.
  • Alert from high thread means, if parents are smoker, then they should not smoke in front of their child, because in the absence of parents, the child might copy them.
  • Parents should provide sufficient funds to their child so they won’t ask from others.
The mind of child is like a Chess-Board. Parents have to understand the position that where his child is standing and which moves can lead him a bad future and which can brighter. Not only this example, there are a bundle of examples which prove that at least father should be a Chess-Player so he can play GAMBIT MOVES! for his child.

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